Craig Perry-Ollila photographer,designer, artist







Craig Perry-Ollila

Craig Perry-Ollila photographer,designer, artist

Bellingham, WA


Rareart of the Northwest is my design and photography business based in Bellingham, WA.
The photographs were shot with a Nikon D-5100 and D-200 digital SLR's and digitally processed on a Macbook laptop.

The photos are a wide range of images shot from British Columbia to California.
The subject matter ranges from close ups of old doors, rust on a light pole to shots of the Experience Music Project in Seattle designed by Frank Gehry. I have a very stylized way of using photographs, I love creating high contrast, vivid color images that are wonderful and rare.

Please enjoy this edition of my work.
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Craig Perry-Ollila lives in Bellingham, Washington with his wife Wilanne. He has worked as a designer, photographer and artist for the past 35 years. Living in the Northwest has given him many opportunities to find interesting subject matter to photograph. He continues to explore the area and find new and quirky images to create.

Rust, old cars, shapes, the Northwest, My grand-daughters Alexandra and Olivia


two heads


Oysterville Sea Farms


door 3 and 2


Oyster Farm


mossy fence


Oysterville Sea Farms


Willapa Bay


Oysterville Trees


Oysterville church


foggy nights at the pier


altered foggy night


Liberty Theatre


lookin out for you


two dogs


steel bridge of portland


Bridge 4 of portland


Bridge 3 of Portland


Bridge 2 of Portland


bridge 1 portland


sepia bottles


Bellingham bay


ferry sunset


sunset british columbia


golden tree


head 2